About Us

Afro Carnival is a celebration of the rich and vibrant cultures of the African Diaspora.

Throughout the day, festival goers are immersed in interactive performances and exhibits that are designed to provide high levels of excitement while fostering a sense of unity and cultural appreciation.

At Afro Carnival you aren’t just an attendee, you are a part of the experience. With every hour that passes the festival transforms and brings to life another side of Afro-Caribbean culture. This gives participants the chance to discover art, dance and music from around the world.

Over the years Afro Carnival has featured prominent musicians such as Busiswa (South Africa), DJ Henry X (Netherlands), DJ Tunez (Nigeria), GBM Nutron (Trinidad and Tobago), and many more. The festival has also provided a space for up and coming artist, like rising afrobeats stars Afro B (Cote de Ivore) and Niniola (Nigeria), to showcase their many talents for the first time in the United States.